Uniform accessories light as feather

A great advantage of our buttons is the high-quality steel eyelet or tunnel. The second one is their weight. Look yourselves at the anchor buttons commonly available on Czech internet.

Our button:
Advantage No. 1: High-quality attachment – fast sewing
Advantage No. 2: Lower weight – by up to 50 %
Advantage No. 3: Lower price – by up to 50 %
…and moreover – our buttons are 100% recyclable!

Disadvantage No. 1: Machine or hand washing of our buttons is not recommended just as for the generations of our parents and grandparents. Thanks to this, the generations of your children and grandchildren shall find your – or our? – buttons just as brand new.

New collection of fashion buttons for creative designers

For spring 2021, we are preparing a new collection of buttons with floral patterns for you. Learn more soon…

Historical buttons are part of the T3 coupé tram project

The Prague Public Transit Company, in cooperation with the Anna Marešová Designers studio, presented a sightseeing tram for Prague – the T3 Coupé.
Two years after the first idea, the unique tram was introduced to the general public, inspired by the legendary Czechoslovak-made T3 tram vehicles.

The uniforms for the T3 Coupé were designed by clothing designer Česlav Jaroš in collaboration with Radan Kukal – the uniform expert from the Prague Public Transit Company.
The uniforms, of course, include the company’s new metal buttons made using the original legacy dies.

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