If we put a new button from our production in one of your hands and an old one in the other, you would not tell the difference.

At TYSSA, we build on 250 years of work of Czech master button-makers. That is why we can make a button that will last for lifetime.

We don’t like one-season products and we don’t pursue seasonal movements of fashion. We make buttons and accessories that will enchant everybody for decades.

Why metal buttons?

Because nothing lasts as long as metal. And, because metal buttons have a long tradition. They have been produced here on the Czech-German border for 250 years.

Do you know why there they are demanded today as well?
They last. There is nothing in them that could break or wear out.
They are ecological. The whole button can be 100% recycled.
They look exceptional. A precisely crafted button is a piece of jewellery.

That is why our buttons were popular with companies producing uniforms, the police, fashion salons, but also excellent fashion designers.

How do we make buttons?

Even today, we produce them with a large contribution of handwork. We have modernized some parts of the production, but years of practice have shown us what is worth doing in the old ways.

As an example, have a look at individual parts of the button: the decorative brass cover and steel cup with attachment. It might be easier to glue them together or to cast the button as a whole, but that’s not the way to go. It worked for us to press both parts together. This way, the button will last forever.

In addition, they are very light – you will appreciate this when wearing them.

We produce for everyone who cares about quality. Examples include:

  • State forces: the police, fire brigade, customs administration or prison service
  • Companies: buttons (including cuff links) and uniform accessories
  • Designers and fashion salons
  • Collectors
  • DIY enthusiasts

We will be happy to make a tailor-made button for you – with your logo, coat of arms or other design..

Are you particular about quality as much as we are? Contact us!

I want exceptional buttons for my garments