Metal buttons

Our metal button is a piece of jewellery. The only piece of jewellery on the general’s uniform. The perfect complement to a fashion piece of clothes.

Your clothes also deserve such a decoration. Treat them with extraordinary metal buttons.

At TYSSA, we not only recover old button designs, to make them shine again, but we also produce new ones – tailor-made for you. We will complement your quality jacket with a button with its owner’s coat of arms. We will restore the glory of your old uniform with historically accurate buttons. And we will complement the work of the Czech designer with filigree buttons that you will not find anywhere else.

We produce by hand and in environmentally friendly way – each of our buttons saves both nature and your time. How?
1) They will last for decades. Jednotlivé díly do sebe zalisujeme, a tak vydrží víc než lepené nebo letované knoflíky.
2) Our buttons are 100% recyclable.
3) You can sew the buttons quickly by machine thanks to the optimum shape of the steel eyelet.

Each button passes through several pairs of hands and is checked by three people to make it simply perfect.

There is no room for ordinariness on your clothes. Add a touch of uniqueness from the North Bohemia.


Read more about what the history of button-making has been about. You will learn what this industry went through and where it is going. Do not hesitate and start with the engaging story of the 250-years-old traditional button-making in Bohemia.

Our button is different, and better


There are countless buttons on the market… but there is only one quality metal brass button with a unique look and surface finish! And that’s not all…

Production from A to Z


Interested in the way the button must pass from the design to your garments? See what it takes to make a jewellery-quality button appear on your clothes.