Investment buttons

Gold and silver with artistic value.

Are you planning to invest in gold or silver? Store your money in a more valuable product than an ordinary ingot. With an investment button, you can give the metal piece as a gift or proudly pass it on to your children when the time comes.

Investment buttons are gold and silver lenses with beautiful patterns. Each of the carefully selected pattern is only used for a small limited series.

By investment in buttons, you get:
• Czech product with artistic value.
• Certificate of authenticity.
• Custom dedication or other text on the back side.

Each investment button bears the Czech hallmark and a serial number.

Limited editions of artistic patterns

We only make 500 pieces from each pattern That is why the product has not only the value of the metal but also of an extraordinary piece of art.

For decorative buttons, we select both historical patterns and new ones, made by our designers.

We use high-purity gold and silver:
• gold: 986/1000 Au to 999,9/1000 Au,
• silver: 999/1000 Ag.

Invest in Czech gold and silver products! Present your friends or business partners with a gift that will amaze them.

We are preparing the first limited series

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