How do we make our buttons?

It’s a long way from a coat design. It leads from the paper through the press and several pairs of hands up to the inspectors’ eyes.

Pencil and ink

Have you ever wondered how buttons are designed?

With the corporate ones, it is simple: the button design with the logo is created in a graphic editor.

But with fashion buttons, it is a complex creative world. Our designers often pick up a pencil or ink and create a small piece of art. Natural patterns and complex geometric shapes are a great inspiration for us.

A die that lasts forever


In our archive, you will find 100-year-old stamps. But now we will make a new one with a newly designed pattern.

1. First, we prepare a 3D model of the button.
2. Based on that, the engraver creates a die (matrix), which may help produce hundreds of thousands of buttons.
3. We agree on the die and complete the stamping die (patrix).
4. We harden both the parts to a hardness sufficient for metal punching.

We have already agreed with the customer the die, punching preview as well as surface treatment, so we can start the punching process.

The first button

It’s here: we’re just punching your first button!

For punching, we use either a metal strip or prepared cuts. The metal is inserted between the die and patrix and the design is punched. This is carried out using automatic or friction presses.

The base part of the button is born.

Let the button shine

The button already has a shape – and now we will make it shine.
First it passes through a degreasing process, which is followed by surface treatment in a galvanizing bath. Do you know what treatments you can choose from?

Sample of surface treatments

All surface treatments can be found in our catalogue.

Some buttons are then dyed or gold-plated by hand. Or we blast them using special abrasives – this creates a matte, gritty surface which is attractive for touch and eye.

Finally, the button is repainted. This ensures stability of the galvanization process, preventing wear.

What attachment to choose?

Your button still lacks a crucial part: the attachment. We use 4 types:
cuff mechanism

Our button has 2 parts: the cover (decorative part) and the cup with attachment. These have to be assembled.

To make the button last for decades, we press the two parts together. The pressed button lasts many times longer than soldered or glued buttons.

With accessories it is different
At TYSSA, we also produce metal accessories for uniforms. Their production is carried out the same way, basically, only differing in two aspects:
• Besides the die, we also use cutout tools. These are used to cut the product perimeter and ensure that, for example, the inside parts of the letters or various characters on the accessory are properly punched.
• With accessories, you will come across other types of attachments, which are soldered to the decorative part.


Just perfect buttons

Only perfect buttons will come from us. We check each piece several times:
1. Upon material receipt
2. After punching
3. After surface treatment
4. During packaging
Only pieces without any faults will pass.

The button is flying to you

Now just pack it up and the button can go to you. We are also happy to take care of retail packaging or luxury gift boxes. These are suitable, for example, for cuff links.

We ship across the Czech Republic and Slovakia within 24 hours; however, our buttons will find their way worldwide.

Do you already know what piece of clothing to decorate with it?